The Magic BEHIND the Magic...

It all started with a secret handshake in 2002 when Sarlot & Eyed, two wannabe magicians, combined the ancient arts of magic and dance to create a cross-country touring show titled, Dance of Illusion.

After a busy and fulfilling life on the road, in 2008, they created the intimate and wildly-popular "Magic, Mystery and Oooh La La" of the Carnival of Illusion. This intimate parlour experience opened its 15 seat boutique theater in early 2009. They quickly increased occupancy to 30 then 50, 100, and finally capping capacity at 150 with 3-6 shows per weekend at one of four upscale locations across the state (including the Arizona Biltmore, a Waldorf-Astoria property). Sarlot & Eyed's Carnival of Illusion became the longest-running Arizona theater show in history!

After thousands of performances throughout the years, Sarlot & Eyed continue to keep the art of magic alive through their Magic Oracle. This free site shares magical history, podcasts, tricks, theory, as well as up-to-the-minute magic and illusion shows for most major English-speaking cities around the world. This massive endeavor shares their love of all things magically artsy-fartsy to help keep you informed with magic events around the world.

In 2020, Sarlot & Eyed opened the Magic Swag Club Store to provide you with original fun and funky magic-themed gifts for magic lovers and friends in the club of the Magic Oracle. Your purchases keep the Magic Oracle website free for everyone.

Thank you!